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Value Added Services

D&M Industries proudly offers a variety of services above and beyond our core business to compliment and support commercial or residential projects. We recognize the need for specialty services to address specific project needs. Ask our sales staff about these value added services:

Value Engineering

D&M sales staff will help control the cost of the project while maintaining the highest quality product possible. We accomplish this by:

  • Communicating project information to stakeholders including impact of changing requirements,
  • Generating ideas and alternate solutions when making choices based on economics and performance,
  • Using our experience and expertise to help make informed decisions.

In House Services

Plan Printing – Save money and time by sending D&M your electronic documents. We have an on-site printer that allows staff to quickly print full size plans.

Master Keying — D&M Industries employs knowledgeable, experienced and skilled keying staff who can create and maintain your master key system. Regardless of your project size, D&M will create a system that works for years to come and we do it in house so your lock data isn’t compromised.

Customized Hardware Packaging

Do you need your hardware detailed or packaged by opening? We can do it! Whether you are working on a single home or multi-unit project, we can package your hardware to assist in a smooth and efficient installation.

Trailer Drop

D&M will deliver a loaded trailer and leave it at your site as added storage space. We can also increase your efficiencies by loading materials in the order needed. Before you place an order with D&M, ask your sales representative about this value added service.