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D&M Industries

Finish Hardware

Security, function and aesthetics are characteristics to consider when choosing finish hardware. D&M Industries has access to numerous styles and finishes of hardware to meet any design need.

Our staff understands the value and beauty you get when choosing locks, hinges, stops, or pulls for your home project. For residential exterior doors, D&M is proud to offer a variety of premium keyless dead bolts and touchscreen electronic door locks to bring your home into the next generation of security solutions. D&M’s selection also includes a variety of stylish handle sets to match your interior hardware selections.

For even more security, D&M offers a selection of multi-point locking systems that provide the ultimate protection and peace of mind by deploying three full deadbolts and a solid lock design. Not only do these locks provide additional security they can help in sealing out air, water and insects.

By working with our sales staff, you can be sure this finishing touch will match the ideal look of your new or renovated home while giving you all the protection you deserve.